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Metadomestic at the Landesgalerie, Linz, Austria opens 22nd September 2011

'Do it again I didn't press record'


Metadomestic shows the current response to the concept of applied arts and its impact on the contemporary art discourse. The exhibition attempts to rethink the role of objects, their aesthetics and their function in the special microcosm of the contemporary new home and give it new impetus. The term "applied art" may have an old-fashioned connotation, and are regarded as primarily decorative species without critical ambitions.In the hands of contemporary artists, designers and producers he gets but a new status that an intermediate position between art and design that is able to make aesthetic interventions in daily life and make the startling encounter between people and objects to its primary objective.

Inspired by a short story by Georges Perec, "Approaches to what?" (L'Infraordinaire, 1977), the exhibition shows the works of various artists and designers who are trying to answer this question. Their strategies are based largely on the use of fictions by Strange sky, humor, futuristic utopia, the aesthetics of the precarious and the celebration of anarchic misunderstandings between people, objects and environments.


  Metadomestic invites visitors to their conventions in terms of what they mean by "applied" (decorative? Functionally? Non-intellectual?), To question and to develop new interpretations of the word, while contemporary works in a multidisciplinary thinking approach to discover an object-based practices.